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@ Hot and cool baths @ Outdoor bath

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Hinoki (Japanese cypress) bath @ Cave bath @ Vase bath @ Massage jet

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Jacuzzi @ Bed bath @ Herb sauna @ @

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@ Hot and cool baths @ Outdoor bath

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Milky bath @ Unkai bath @ Vase bath @ Jacuzzi

@ @ About the natural hot spring gBanka no yuh
Mineral content includes sodium, calcium and chloride.
Therapeutic benefits for nerve pain, muscle pain,
arthritic pain, stiff shoulders, female disorders,
digestive disorders, fatigue,
health enhancement and chronic skin disorders.
Stardust bath @ Herb sauna @


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Front Lobby @ Restaurant gLenordh @ Japanese-style Banquet Rooms @ Western-style Banquet Rooms
In addition to checking in and out, visit here for any questions or concerns you may have during your stay (open 24 hours).
@ Enjoy meals here while taking in the view of Mount Tokachi and the surrounding scenery. This restaurant also caters to business Outdoor bath meetings and other functions. @ There are a total of five banquet rooms: gKobushi,h gLavender,h gTokachi,h gDaichih and gDen en.h They are available for parties, workshops, seminars and more.

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Shop @ Karaoke Rooms @ Lounge @ Foot Bath gWater of Potpourrih
ISpecializing in products from the Furano / Biei area, the shop offers a wide range of Hokkaido souvenirs. Be sure to drop in for a browse.
@ These private rooms can host up to 15 guests for an enjoyable evening of fun and entertainment. @ This spacious Japanese-style 100-mat lounge with view of Mount Tokachi is a great place to relax after your spa. Light meals and drinks are available. @ After a satisfying day of walking around Furano and Biei, sooth your tired feet here in this natural hot spring. Open free to the public.

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